BMC Blade logic Training

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Course Description

The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite is a solution for automated management, control, and enforcement of configuration changes in the data center. It provides a cross-platform solution for managing both physical and virtual assets — in the traditional data center and in the cloud.

  • Installing BSA
    • Downloading the installation files
    • Installing using the unified product installer
    • Installing individual components
    • Installing components silently
    • Installing and Configuring Yellow Fin for Live Reporting Module
  • Upgrading BSA
    • Upgrade Overview
    • Upgrading in a Duplicated Environment
    • Upgrading on Windows using the Unified Product Installer
    • Upgrading on Linux using the Unified Product Installer
    • Upgrading using individual component installers
    • Upgrading Yellowfin for Live Reporting
    • Use Case for upgrading BSA
    • Upgrading Yellowfin for Live Reporting Module
  • Configuring BSA
    • Setting Up a Network Shell Proxy Server
    • Setting Up the BMC Server Automation for Virtual Environment
    • Administering Security
    • Configuring the Application Server
    • Setting Up Configuration Files
    • Loading Pre-packaged Content
    • Installing and Configuring Compliance Content Add-Ons Module
  • Integrating BSA with other Products
    • Integration with Atrium Orchestrator
    • Integration with BMC Discovery Module
  • Troubleshooting BSA
    • Troubleshooting Resources
    • Troubleshooting using Knowledge Base
    • Troubleshooting RSCD
    • Troubleshooting Patch Management
    • Troubleshooting Deployment
    • Troubleshooting Performance