CA Identity Manager

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Course Description

CA Identity Manager (formerly CA IdentityMinder®) is a reliable user provisioning and user management solution that automates the on-boarding, modification and off-boarding of users across all enterprise systems (web applications, mainframes, LDAP directories, relational databases) to the cloud.

  • CA Identity Manager
    1. Identify the features and functions of CA Identity Manager
    2. Describe the CA Identity Manager architecture
  • Install CA Identity Manager
    1. Identify system requirements
    2. Install CA Identity Manager
    3. Validate and troubleshoot the installation
  • Install the Report Server
    1. Install the Report Server
    2. Configure CA SiteMinder Integration
    3. Install Connector Xpress
      1. Describe Connector Xpress
      2. Install Connector Xpress
    1. Set Up the CA Identity Manager Environment
      1. Build the CA Identity Manager environment
      2. Configure the CA Identity Manager environment
    1. Install and Configure Endpoint Agents
      1. Configure SSL for Active Directory
      2. Install and Configure the Exchange Agent
      3. Install and Configure the UNIX Agent
    1. Install and Configure Password Synchronization
      1. Install and configure the Active Directory Password Synchronization Agent
      2. Install and configure UNIX Password Synchronization
    1. Import Users
      1. Import users into the CA Identity Manager system
    1. Configure the Report Server, GINA, and the Database
    2. Configure the Report Server
    3. Configure the GINA and the Credential Provider
    4. Configure the database to split out database configuration
  • Troubleshoot CA Identity Manager
    1. Troubleshoot CA Identity Manager