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IBM Unica is product suite mainly for Enterprise Marketing Management(EMM). Now IBM Unica is referred to as IBM Marketing Software Under IBM Unica product suite there are different products like

IBM Campaign : IBM Campaign is used by enterprises to create, manage sophisticated Marketing campaigns mainly for outbound channels like EMAIL/SMS/CALL CENTER. IBM campaign provides various functionalities like Marketing Offers, Designing Campaign Flowcharts for segmentation, Integration with other enterprise applications. It also provides functionality to manage the marketing records like Contact and Response History and various modes to manage response Attribution.

IBM Interact : To create real time / contextual / personalized campaign mainly for inbound channels like Web / POS / ATM / Mobile Apps. There are lot more functionalities like creation of smart segmentation / profiles / interaction strategies and using self learning algorithms to better server the offer based on past behavior etc. With newest capabilities IBM Interact has became powerful tool with integration of IBM Streams processing engine to lookup real time complex event triggers etc.

IBM Marketing Operations : For Marketing Ops Mgmt like Users / Groups / Workflows / Programs / Plan / Budgeting and finance / Resource management
IBM Distributed Marketing

IBM Opportunity Detect : EBM ( Event Based Marketing ) productAddition to this there are additional products like

IBM Marketing Cloud : Its SaaS product for Email / SMS / Mobile Push.

IBM UBX : Another SaaS product for Universal Behavior Exchange. Using combination with IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Unica product suite we can build sophisticated marketing automation solutions for big enterprises with volumes of data and lot of enterprise applications around.
If someone is really interested in getting into IBM Unica / EMM products skills, I think of following major tracks /roles
1. Product Solutions Architect – To build solution using one or multiple IBM Marketing Software products and integration with clients enterprise applications / channels etc Skills Required : Expertise in IBM Marketing Software / Marketing cloud. Database skills like data modelling etc. Programming and integration using APIs / develop SOAP-REST APIs or build integration using it.>
2. IBM Campaign Execution Specialist / Designer – Who can build complex marketing programs by creating data flows / offers / solution framework and manage the campaigns. Skills Required : Campaign Design / SQL and writing queries etc.


  • Introduction to Unica Campaign
  • Concepts and need for Unica
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Campaign Life Cycle
    • Unica in marketing campaign
  • User Groups and Roles
    • Users and concepts
    • Adding New User
    • Modify Users
    • Remove Users
    • Edit user information
    • Assign role to Users
  • User Groups and Concepts
    • Adding New Group
    • Modify Groups
    • Remove Groups
  • Unica Roles & configuration
    • Roles and Concepts
  • Offer management
    • Concepts of offers
    • Offer templates
    • Offer Creation
    • Offer operations
  • Campaign management
    • Concepts of Campaign
    • Unica Campaign Overview
    • Campaign Creation
    • Campaign operations
  • Flowcharts
    • What are flowcharts?
    • Concepts of flowcharts
    • Adding Flowchart to campaign
    • Flowchart Creation
    • Flowchart Processes
    • Data manipulation processes
    • Run Processes
  • Data manipulation processes
    • Select
    • Merge
    • Sample
    • Segment
    • Extract
  • Run Processes
    • Snapshot
    • Schedule
    • Mail list
    • Cal list
    • E Message
  • Optimize Processes
    • Stored objects
    • Derived fields
    • User variables
    • Custom macros
    • Templates
    • Stored Table Catalogs
  • Reports
    • Flowchart cell reports
    • Segment Crosstab reports
    • Calendar of Campaigns
    • System-wide reports
    • Object-specific reports