CA Governance Minder

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Course Description

CA Governance Minder is a business-oriented solution that leverages analytics and workflow to automate identity governance processes, including entitlements clean-up, certification, segregation of duties and role management.

  • Overview and Installation of CA GovernanceMinder
    • Define Identity Life Cycle Management
    • Define the key capabilities of CA GovernanceMinder
    • Define the components of CA GovernanceMinder
    • Identify Typical Deployment architectures
    • Installation of CA GovernanceMinder
    • Install Client Tools
    • Install workpoint and workflow processes
    • Plan for an upgrade
  • Configure CA GovernanceMinder and define optional Data Integrations

    • Configure CA GovernanceMinder Client Tools
    • Configure CA GovernanceMinder Server
    • Enable Security and Authentication
    • Perform data import
    • Describe the CA GovernanceMinder integration with:
      • CA Identity Manager
      • CA User Activity Reporting
      • CA Siteminder
      • CA Server Desk
      • Kettle Pentaho data integration
  • Customize and TroubleShoot CA GovernanceMinder

    • Customize email behaviour
    • Rebrand the CA GovernanceMinder Portal and reports
    • Modify Workpoint business Processes
    • Troubleshoot CA GovernanceMinder
    • Understand Error Messages
    • Duplicate a configuration