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Course Description


  1. Is LTE 4G? What is difference between LTE and LTE Advanced?
  2. LTE UE Category – Terminal Capabilities

LTE Physical Layer Tutorial – LTE Layer 1

  1. LTE And LTE Advanced Frequency Bands And Spectrum Allocations
  2. How to Calculate LTE Data Rate – Downlink Throughput

LTE MAC Tutorial – Medium Access Control Protocol

  1. LTE MAC Layer – Medium Access Control
  2. LTE MAC Header Structure

LTE RLC Tutorial – Radio Link Control

  1. LTE RLC – Radio Link Control Protocol
  2. LTE Logical Channels
  3. LTE RLC PDU Structure & Encoding
  4. LTE RLC TMD PDU Encoding
  5. LTE RLC UMD PDU Encoding and Decoding

LTE RRC Tutorial – Radio Resource Control

  1. LTE Radio Resource Control (RRC) System Information

LTE Procedures Tutorials

  1. LTE UE Initial Access
  2. LTE And LTE Advanced Cell Selection Procedure
  3. LTE Paging Explained
  4. LTE Handover Overview
  5. Intra-LTE Handover Using the X2 Interface
  6. Intra-LTE Handover Using the S1 Interface
  7. CS Fallback (CSFB ) in LTE

LTE Security Tutorial – Ciphering and Integrity

  1. LTE Security Architecture